1. Week one has come to a close for our summer staff @lakechampion 3 more weeks with these awesome friends. #bestmonthofyourlife (at Lake Champion - A Young Life Camp)


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    I thought you would appreciate this.

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  3. Hey friends! I will be on summer staff at Lake Champion for the next month, feel free to send me letters and packages and I will send you letters and stickers back. #snailmail (at Lake Champion - A Young Life Camp)

  4. Hey bros and girl bros! Come to the very first Summer Campaigners at 7:00 PM at the YL house tonight, and bring your game face for capture the flag after. #turndownfornothing

  5. The greatest line of dogs continues. #HumphreyPuppies #LongLiveAutumn @ohumptydumpty (at Humphrey Residence)

  6. My boys made it to the top #proudleader #9000feet #bestweekofyourlife

  7. Over 9,000 ft at the top of Crooked Creek’s hike, it ain’t no frontier hike but it did the job. #bestweekofyourlife #gsoylcreekweek

  8. Crooked Creek is already unreal and it’s only day two. #bestweekofyourlife #gsoylcreekweek #GSO2CO @crookedcreekyl @northwestyl (at Crooked Creek Ranch - A Young Life Camp)

  9. Your boys just crossed the Colorado border! It’s been a long journey and we are almost at @crookedcreekyl . #gsoylcreekweek #GSO2CO #bestweekofyourlife (at Welcome to Colorado)

  10. 28 hours until we get to @crookedcreekyl #cantstopwontstop #enonest #gsoylcreekweek